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A new book by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Oklahomeland, is a wonderful collection of essays that will hold your attention. She found her title in some graffiti on an Oklahoma wall.
         The essays in this book
 explore numerous topics: a photographer’s sense of aesthetics, the suicide of a sharecropper , Oklahoma literature and culture.
       For her collection of poetry Work is Love Made Visible, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish won an Oklahoma Book Award, a Wrangler Award, and a WILLA Award from Women Writing the West. Her writing appears in numerous journals and anthologies, and she contributes much to Southwestern and American letters with her editorial work. She is founding editor of the active and successful Mongrel Empi
re Press. She serves as Director of The Red Earth Creative Writing MFA program at Oklahoma City University where she is also a faculty mentor in writing pedagogy and the craft of poetry.
       For more information go to her personal website.

W.K. Stratton continues his exploration of alter ego alleyways in his second book of poetry, Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country. Written in both verse and prose-poem form, the pieces in the book form a poetic concept album dealing much with time and place and family, both real and imagined. The poems draw images from a tough society populated by oilfield roughnecks, bootleggers, brawlers, and outlaws. Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country is bookended by long pieces exploring loss in the unforgiving territory. 
     Stratton, a past president of the Texas Institute of Letters, has written four books of nonfiction and co-edited another. He is currently at work on book about Sam Peckinpah and The Wild Bunch.  

David Bowles, Border Lore, Folktales and Legends of South Texas

Award-winning translator and author David Bowles brings together twenty-five darkly memorable stories of the southern borderlands of Texas, retold in his unique voice. Ranging from the age-old folktales heard at his grandmother’s knee to urban legends collected down the years, each of these narratives is brought to stunning visual life by artist José Meléndez. An appendix classifies the pieces and enumerates motifs.

The Journal of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers, 2014-2015 edited by Moumin Quazi
     This is an anthology of 
fiction, poetry, and nonfiction presented at the annual meeting of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers.   

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